Thursday, September 25, 2008

Got Silver?: The Tucson Gemshow

Because my customer's thirst for new jewelry supplies and funky artisan silver is unquenchable at times (and mine too for that matter), I headed down to Tucson. Among the standouts I bought were tourmaline, amazonite, aventurine, aquamarine, antiqued copper pendants, sterling Friend, Inspire, Love charms, sterling bangles, Naga shell beads, and so much more cool stuff!

Yes there were fewer attendees, but just as many vendors as I recall from past years. It was a successful shopping show for me: I got in and out without so many of the booths being mobbed. And because this is a pre-Christmas show, it was nice to calculate each purchase in a more sane environment. I also scrutinized each item for its quality and workmanship. Hopefully these new products will get noticed in the current jewelry marketplace flooded with similar goods. Xo, Sharon

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