Friday, April 10, 2009

Sharon's Top 10 Necessities for Travel

My husband and I are going to be traveling a lot this spring and I thought it would be a great opportunity to relay my top ten travel necessities, whether I'm camping or going abroad.
1. Sarong- use as a blanket on airline flights, a coverup over a bathing suit, or a little wrap for sleeping in.
2. The perfect walking shoes- either my Keens or Lowas, both can surely out walk me and I can hike in them too.
3. Simple accessories- hats and wristwarmers (that I've handmade and will protect me from the elements), as well as a pair of simple earrings.
4. Head lamp- I have a cute little Petzl Tikka Plus to use at night navigating the halls of the hostel or for camping.
5. Address book- for emergency calls and/or addresses for postcards.
6. Emory board- my nails always seem to get little ripples and rough edges so this way I can keep them smooth. I don't bother with nail polish.
7. Shea butter body lotion- great for face and hands, and occasionally will run through my hair to keep static cling down.
8. Lip gloss- I love Burt's Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil (and the smell is wonderful), and when I want a little more color, I use Revlon LipGlide in glazed almond.
9. Local guides and maps- such as Lonely Plant or Rick Steves, and a road atlas.
10. Chocolate bars- for when we're starving and driving each other crazy, and there's no restaurant for another 70 miles.

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