Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Photo in Overland Journal!

Ok, so this doesn't make me famous or isn't a turning point, but I am elated to have a photograph of mine published in the winter 2010 issue of Overland Journal magazine.

Caption: We met a brother and sister on the beach during our Belize '06 trip, and they wanted to use our snorkel mask and fins. They were like fish themselves reaching into the water pulling out jellyfish and starfish.

Everytime I'm at a beach, I'm reminded of how the world feels so big and so small at the same time. But bumping into these children and reconnecting with these memories makes me feel the world can also feel just the right size for all of us. Xo, Sharon Marzonie

1 comment:

Waterrose said...

That is a wonderful photo. I think I need to be there....

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