Monday, February 22, 2010

Embroidered Cuff Giveaway from Waterrose

Starting today, Feb. 22 through 28, my dear friend, Waterrose, is giving away one of her beautiful hand-embroidered wool cuffs with a Queen Anne's Lace design. There will be ONE winner so hurry to her blog and follow the directions; they're very simple. With the little snowflakes dancing around this morning, this is a lovely bracelet cuff that will transition from a winter, keepsake accessory to early spring one, as we begin thinking about our flower gardens. Enjoy and good luck!

Thank you, Waterrose!

1 comment:

Waterrose said...

Oh, how wonderful! You picked a different shot then most people do...that is actually one of my favorites! No snow down here...but it's pretty chilly.

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