Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mosaic of Dusk

Dusk is very simply like handmade taffy: each batch is a different flavor with unique pastel swirls and reversed texture. Dusk purrs quietly in the slumbering sky as we play hide-n-seek or a game of tag among the mosquitoes and lightening bugs, and allowing it to brighten our summer tans for one last second.And it has roots running below my little neighborhood, like a dark twin to the underground with our parents holding the string end so we (our gang) would not disappear into oblivion. Where like an underground tram after one stop, I have to go above ground to feel the sky again, and for this reason, this is where my introspective journey always begins: at my favorite time of day. I say that sincerely. ~Sharon Marzonie

Links to Flickr Artist’s Work for the Dusk Mosaic:
1. Dusk, 2. Dusk, 3. Dusk sky, 4. Dusk At Sea, 5. Dusk at Farley Mount, 6. Dusk, 7. Dusk at One Tree Hill, 8. Dusk, 9. Dusk on "The Dawn" I, 10. Dusk on the road, 11. Dusk, 12. Dusk Through Casement Windows

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