Monday, July 18, 2011

In this Moment I am..

:: feeling grateful for the sunny, summertime weather and accompanying monsoons, and fabulous new friends that give me a reason to celebrate life's simple pleasures.

:: loving the way the mountain bike community welcomed me into their world by saying "good job" and "way to go, Sharon" whenever they saw me (passed me every time, damn!) on the trail.

:: appreciating my renewed sense of vitality in the midst of inconsistent people and the chaos that is sometimes around me.

:: discovering a band —new to me— called Rising Appalachia and playing them on Pandora to gently usher and coax the monsoon rains.

:: remembering how I NEED the sight and smell of fresh flowers in my favorite rooms of the house: kitchen, bedroom and the sitting room.

:: telling my myself that a grilled steak and a hot chocolate does not make a well-rounded dinner. (Okay, maybe just this once, as I did do a bike race...)

:: laughing at that.

:: wishing there was a theme editor without having to dig into the php, html, and css code of my websites.

Lastly, wishing you a very beautiful Monday evening! xo, Sharon Marzonie

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