Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten Things in June

Right now? I am reflecting this evening and feeling especially good about...

:: With more time on their hands, watching the two apprentices (Hanna and Jordan) live their passion and employ their talent for working with horses.
:: Open doors and windows.
:: The roadside wildflowers- especially the Wild Four O'clock; they're really such a fascinating flower, I love them so.
:: The memory of a lovely dinner party spent here with friends and the promise of another one, wherein I can play wine & food expert again (a favorite role of mine).
:: Heart symbols showing up somewhere every day.
:: Finding a horse nestled into its stall - as if he/she could be reading a good book.
:: The anticipation of trying a new wine with dinner tonight.
:: The promise of a book and an early bedtime this evening after I finish up the dishes.
:: The feeling of seeing that something new has grown each and every time I walk out the door.
:: The full moon Friday the 13th that I have a feeling my girlfriends and I are going to talk up, but hopefully do something (crazy event at a beach?...I'm in.) Love, Sharon

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