Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Colt Selling Fly Spray

A mare of bountiful means had only one filly, which she doted upon. Once while trotting through the medina, the filly saw a Thoroughbred colt selling botanical fly spray. She fell in love with him at once. However she had no way to convey her adoration to him so she went to the medina every day with the excuse of needing to buy more fly spray. As soon as the bottle was purchased and put in her saddle bag, she would take off without saying a word. Over time, the colt began to feel suspicious.

The next day when the filly appeared again, he asked her, "What do you buy so much fly spray for?" She confessed, "I'm interested in you romantically, however I dare not express it to you. But I'm always dying to see you so I come to buy your spray for the purpose of appreciating your good looks and being around your masculine energy." The colt was taken aback by her honesty and so they agreed to meet the next evening in a private area in her pasture.

The next evening, the filly lay at a respectable distance from the harem, waiting for the colt. When dusk fell, he arrived. She was so excited she could not control her joy. She put her legs around the colt and said, "My dream has finally come true!" As a lover possessing extraordinary gifts, she died that night of too much pleasure. The colt was so shocked that he just froze there with no where to go. At last he escaped back to the medina at dawn where he left his bottles of spray under a tarp.

In the morning at the pasture, it was time to go to their watering hole, but the filly did not get up. The harem became concerned, only to find her lying there dead.

Before dragging her body to the creek bed, the curious horses found inside her saddle bags many bottles of fly spray. The mother mare said, "It must be the fly spray that killed my filly!" Then the harem all went to the medina to find the source of the spray. When they found the colt and saw the same kind of spray as their harem-mate had, they laid into him: "Why did you kill our young one?" The colt sobbed and told them the truth, which they simply couldn't believe and so they took legal proceedings, and that meant placing him in a sack and throwing him to the bottom of the sea.

The colt said, "I don't mind death, but I request you to allow me to approach her body and express my sorrow." The sultress of the harem gave him permission despite the many ancestral practices that would be against it. As soon as he approached her and touched her, he neighed out, "If only the spirit of the body could still live after the death of the body, then there would be no remorse at all." All at once some sprocket in the filly's heart clicked into place, she regained consciousness and described the whole situation. Finally they paired up for life and had many offspring in the wild.

Love, Sharon

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