Friday, August 22, 2014

30 Days of Indie Travel | Worst Experience, Day 8

There is no travel experience that stands out as the worst, but maybe a moment or two here and there that weren't particularly great...

Which I tend to bury those moments, such as when a hotel caught on fire. See!? can't even remember more than that detail. I really have to dig deep into my memory bank; I'm thinking of copping out, as nothing writing-worthy comes to mind.

Rrrrrttt!!...oh I remembered during my time with A. when he and I took a trip to New Orleans, and it happened to be Super Bowl weekend (though that's not why we chose those days), and he thought my friends stole his wallet. As wallets usually are our everything, his contained cash, his driver's license, credit cards, etc. Needless to say we were frazzled, perplexed and sad. That very same night of the theft, the four of us had earlier agreed to share a hotel room, each couple taking a double bed in the small room. Again, we were FRAZZLED, while they slept peacefully we did not sleep at all, but laid there in the dark with wire-y frowns on out faces waiting for the morning to confront them and report it to the police (either way). As it turned out, his wallet was right where he put it, in the black void, a small wallet-sized compartment below the radio unit in our rental car. It blended in seamlessly: black wallet, black compartment.

Looking back, it is weird how our minds drifted to my friends as thieves, what enters our minds so full of blue sky, I'll never know. The wrongful accusing, the after-effect guilt, years and years ago now: all of it floated and still floats away into the crisp air somewhere in the voodoo of New Orleans. This is not really a "worst," but definitely an unpleasant feeling to revisit and recreate for the purpose of this travel project. If indeed the point was to do that, it did.

Not all travel has been perfect, which would be unlovable and sterile anyways. But because I believe in happy endings, there is always love and silver linings. Love always to A., Theresa & her beau. I'm sorry I never told you. Love, Sharon

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