Friday, January 21, 2011

My First Men's Ring

Inspiration strikes at the oddest moments and the strangest of places. Perhaps it's the coincidental meeting of someone at a party or on a trail, and in a few short minutes we have something crazy in common. And there I am sitting in what feels like a one-seater with this stranger --not really a stranger any more-- caning it until we are stuffed by another rider as a back tire steps out, knowing this ride is going to come to an end soon. We will literally go our separate ways, but until we do I use this awkward and awesome opportunity to create a new piece of jewelry: a ring from my favorite new metal Argentium sterling silver.

I marvel at the power of the muse and how it is normal and easy to come by because life is about coincidences that just sit there waiting for me to notice them and act on. Mostly they are real gems, like this guy and his new ring. ~Sharon Marzonie

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