Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Travel

Today I sit here in Prescott scratching my head in amazement at the turn of events. This year will be one of road trips and festivals (yes, I know even with the price of gas) instead of international travel. Believe me, if I get offered a chance to squeeze in some passport time, I will.

My first festival of 2011 I traveled to this past weekend in Apache Junction: the Arizona Renaissance Festival. It was a fun side priority to put my costume together for it. Some people feel it is essential that you develop a persona too (lords and ladies, maybe next year I will). A few weeks before I scouted my local thrift shops looking for the perfect, affordable dress and/or accessories. I never did find any tall lace up boots or corsets. So for simplicity's sake and because I'm not one to surround myself with a lot of drama, I wore a faux velvet smock, black hippy skirt (which I got during my travels in Thailand) and gladiator-style sandals made by Dansko. All of my jewelry I made myself.Travel, even a short road trip, is a phenomenal vehicle for personal transformation and another way of meeting interesting people. I know from experience I don't have to travel all the way around the world to reap the benefits or the fun. I've also learned to try and not plan too much ahead that way making room for changes along the way. It's so much more "organic." I let one event (at the festival) lead me to the next, and I didn't really have to think about it. Many of the interesting people I met working at the festival move from one to the next all around the US. They seem to have "organic travel" down pack and enjoy being nomadic.

Thanks for reading as I make sense of and embrace many more trips like this ahead, which really has my wheels spinning. This year I will downsize my "stuff" and learn more about sustainable living in case I ever take to the open road for a long stretch of time. Goodbye for now, you lovely gypsies! ~Sharon Marzonie

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