Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Course...

Back in July of 2011, I was just dipping my toes into mountain biking when my friend Dave of announced 12 Hours At Night, a bike relay race which repeats around an 8-mile loop at Pioneer Park/Brownlow Trails in Prescott. The challenge was to complete as many loops as possible in 12 hours... at night... all night. I was game for it, but had only had 3 weeks from the time I found out about the race until the race itself – so I just winged it – and loved it. Completing 4 loops, this served as a successful starter solo race for me, even though I did not place.

Now at the cusp of spring 2012, I am registered for a duathlon (GORD) on March 17th. It's kind of a do-over because the biking leg is the same course/same location as the previous race and luckily only has to be biked once. Again, with it being local and sprint style (1.5 mile run/8.2 mile bike/2.2 mile run) this race is perfect for my first attempt. The running is going to be the most challenging, especially the last 2-mile leg at the end.
The last couple weeks I have been "training" by myself in between work and jewelry work, and even after work (once). I have been thinking grander by not over-extending myself and feeling pretty confident. Today I plan to meet up with a mountain biking group called 8 to 80 (basically because it's for all ages) and hopefully make some more athletic progress, if you can call it that. We're meeting at Granite Basin at the Wekuvde parking area just on the outskirts of Prescott. I am not sure whether to go with the easy group or the advanced, as we usually like to divide up based on our skill levels. My bike is having a slight issue shifting slower into higher gears which then gives me a jolt once it clicks in. I am planning to have some one look at this for me in the coming week.

Wow—I can't believe the race is in 1 week! The burning question is: Is the "reward" the race itself or what happens afterwards? – *with a big smile* – who knows? BOTH!! Wishing you all a great week ahead. Xo, Sharon Marzonie

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