Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Top 10 Jewelry Collectors

In lieu of my excitement for the upcoming gemshow in Tucson, gemstones can be dramatic enough to steal my eyes and heart and steal any scene for that matter. I look forward to seeing lots of them. I've been passionate for a long time about the tactile satisfaction of working with gemstones and enjoy, on occassion, peeking into the somewhat-secret world of those who own the the world's most coveted collections of jewelry. According to W magazine from 2006, the top 10 are/were: 1) Queen Elizabeth, 2) Farah Pahlavi - the former Empress of Iran, 3) Elizabeth Taylor, 4) Lily Safra - a Brazilian-Monegasque social figure, 5) Dodie Rosekrans - an international society hostess, 6) Prince Jefri of Brunei, 7) Queen Sirikit of Thailand, 8) Danielle Steel, 9) Princess Firyal of Jordan, and 10) Barbra Streisand. I find this list very interesting because of Streisand and Steel, which hit closest to home for most of us here in the U.S. Barbra once owned a René Lalique sautoir, which she auctioned at Sotheby's for $352,000. A sautoir necklace is a very long necklace of beads, pearls or chains, which often ends in tassels. The necklace can be worn loose with the tassels hanging on both sides or wrapped as many times as you would like for a different look. Danielle is known to have eviable pieces from Fabergé and Seaman Schepps, and a yellow diamond collection. Do either of these ladies sing or write about jewelry: that's a good question. And of course there's no other American woman more famous than Elizabeth Taylor for loving jewels. I hope this mosaic I have created represents this esteemed group of 10 in a fun, creative way. Hope you all find a jewel in your new year ~Sharon Marzonie

Photo credits from the mosaic are as follows: 1. The Lady, 2. (Item No. NL15E) Purple/Pink/White Pearl Shell 13mm Neckace (with magnetic clasp), 3. Dodie Rosekrans Estate Sale, 4. Hua Hin, Petchkasem Road, 5. Turtle Brooch, 6. farah-new (5), 7. Queen Elena of Italy, 8. Go Your Own Way Necklace, 9. Garden Entrance P1000085a, 10. jewels book safe, 11. BARBRA STREISAND, 12. 0.33ct Oval Natural Fancy Pink Diamond GIA Certificated P1 Purplish Pink

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