Monday, March 17, 2014

Still Winter

It has been a trying month around here. There's a lot going on, emotionally speaking, this winter - so much more juggling than ever before in my life. I struggle sometimes in this space, especially with a new love interest in my life, with what's appropriate to share here and what should be left unsaid. Wanting to write my way through things as I do, but wanting to honor the privacy of those around me. I don't mean to be vague or unclear - I'm sorry - there's no great mystery I'm holding back. Just a lot of life that I don't always know how, and if, to fit tidily into this space.

In honor of the most-adorable being ever, last week I gave a very welcoming Hello to a "Lakie" named Otis. A Lakeland Terrier of almost eight years that I am temporarily caring for, and he cares for me. The first dog I've had since childhood - a giant love of a thing and constant companion. This week I have him again through Wednesday, wishing for a little more time with him, always more kisses for Otis...

As I am coming to appreciate moments like this in life, there is great comfort in the small things. The way I gather together with my new friend to love one another in any condition we are in - the very definition of friendship. Putting one foot in front of another in the rhythm of our days - the simple joys. And by these actions, we lead the way for the younger ones in our lives to keep on keeping on. Moving forward, perhaps changed, perhaps stronger, perhaps with more love to give.

As this winter season winds down, and as the spring schedule appears earlier than usual, I find myself committed to fully soaking up the last of winter. I'll spend the next stretch of 3 days doing all of my/our favorite things with Otis - unplugging, and diving fully into just Being. This blog space will be quiet for a few weeks, but I'll be back next month to continue our conversation. I do so love our ongoing conversation. Love, Sharon

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