Monday, February 24, 2014

Year of the Horse

We moisten each other in order to thrive. (How lovely this thought.) This moisture idea creates a grid of creativity and potentiality across the globe during this transition from last year's water/snake to 2014's wood/horse this Chinese New Year. We can contribute to this cycle as well as be fueled by it. I like to think this wave of positive energy ignites the knowing in our hearts that a patient and altruistic universe exists. It is a reality I like to play in, and so I decided to write a short story for this month's blog entry in honor of the horse.

It's almost spring and I am a young woman living across from a dude ranch. I possess a horse, which I am very fond of. Wherever I go, my horse wants to go, so I learned to lead him around and eventually ride him.

One day I was out after dark and fell into a well about three hundred feet down, where I got kinda soggy from the water. My horse, unfettered as he was, neighed and neighed around the well all night until a man in oily overalls from a neighboring cabin heard the neighing and walked over to find me down in the well. I begged the stranger, that I later learned was a ranch hand, saying, "If you help me get out of here, I promise you a good reward." To this he responded, "If you promise me your horse I'll help you." I replied, "How can I give you my constant companion; I'd be so lonely without him." The ranch hand retorted, "If you don't agree, I'll just leave you in the well."

My horse at the moment peered over the side of the well and stared down at me. It occurred to me that my horse was giving me a signal. So I shouted out my agreement to the request. The ranch hand helped me out of the well, and placing a rope around my horse's neck, he led my sweet companion away. After five days, after which I had dried out a bit, it started snowing and my horse returned to me in the night.

Well, I hope you like my story. Lots of symbolism can be pulled out, with my favorite one being the interconnectedness that is undeniable and can be used for the purposes of life-affirming transformations. Love, Sharon


Joanne Forman said...

That's an amazing story ! Thanks for sharing it. Also thanks for the tip/advice on your store web page. I do need a mentor to help me grow in my jewelry making , marketing etc. You've given me a push. Thanks !

Sharonunlimited said...

Totally sweet of you Joanne! No problem on the "push;" it's actually reciprocally a push back to continue my posts and stories. Thanks!

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