Saturday, August 16, 2014

30 Days of Indie Travel | My Travel Style, Day 3

My travel style is summed up pretty well in Alessandra's Gypsy Girls Guide, that I've been following since around 2009. I like to think my style is aware, bohemian, creative, fearless, nomadic, sometimes poetic and whimsical all wrapped up into one. All these flowery adjectives I'm at the liberty of taking, apply to a wide range of travel modes I find myself in: from staying up all night to fly across time zones, to sparse camping, to adrenaline rush stuff, to seeking out the best delectable foods, to helping and loving those around me that need it. I could be walking, out at sea or using a motorized means; it doesn't matter to me.

Currently, I am on a home exchange in Denmark. I'm two weeks in so far. Everyday I start small and get creative with what's right outside my door. This has included reusing things, recycling, re-arranging (my thoughts, plans, ideas), and foraging. I adore foot paths that already exist here as short cuts to the beach and forest, instead of walking all over the place. I think it's inherent in the human soul to be nomadic, and some of us have lost that! I try and reflect what I feel inside and simply open my eyes and heart to the place I'm in. This style is not about puffing up anything into a romantic view. Certainly situations will challenge me and keep me on the ground. My style is also about asking other people for help, such as confirming I'm on the right platform to catch the S-train. Love, Sharon

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