Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gentofte Flea Market | Charlottenlund

Last Sunday I was strolling around and came across a huge gathering of cars, people, bikes, noise... Turned out to be a weekly flea market behind the train station. It was beyond any expectations I would have had, had I had any!

The market was pretty big and had a great mix of second hand designer clothes, cheaper labels and lots of great children's clothes and toys. In fact you can easily bring children to a market like this since the toys are placed on the ground so they can look at stuff and even play with them.

I left the flea market with a new (old) pair of lace-up boots by Angulus, which were only 20 DKK and a Samsonite hard-shell suitcase, which will be a replacement for the failed one I bought from the Goodwill in Prescott, Arizona.

Note that the official name of the flea market is Gentofte Loppemarked (flea market), but most people refer to it as Charlottenlund flea market.

p.s. There are lots of wild blackberry bushes in this area and will revisit the bushes on my next foraging trip :-) Love, Sharon

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