Friday, August 29, 2014

30 Days of Indie Travel | What European City do I Most Want to Visit, Day 16

Drikke vin means drink wine in Danish, and this is exactly what I was doing last night which lead me to an affirmative post for Day 16. Last night's terroir-driven Mediterranean wine/olive oil/sea salt tasting event here in Charlottenlund, provided my hands down answer of Sicily! (Technically not a city, but a region/province of Italy.)

I want to meet the people and see what they are really like. While they make know how to make a meal with passion, I also want to make them a meal with equal fervor. Share some Mt Etna wines. Kick a football. Listen to their stories. Or just sit and be quiet offering friendship as best I can, hoping they know how much I appreciate giving and sharing life's many great passions. I know it will just be beautiful even if I have to wait until after 10pm to get Pasta alla Norma, then so be it.

Here is a link to an enticing travel webpage: Sicily Vacations. Love, Sharon

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