Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Italian Ice Cream on a Stick | Copenhagen

I was on the local S-train a few days ago and saw a Danish newspaper with an eye-candy photograph and a short article on Olufs, which sells homemade Italian ice cream. It looked like a delectable little place, and I know the Danes take their ice cream very seriously, so I made a point of visiting.

Beautiful, natural, homemade Italian ice cream on a stick in three sizes and tons of flavors! I enjoyed a chocolate licorice ice cream dipped in lemon white chocolate. Who can resist that? Probably one of the most unique foods I have eaten since I've been in Denmark. They reminded me of the paletas I have had (and love) in Mexico, which are frozen fresh fruit popsicles, either with fruit only or fruit mixed with cream. I should mention that the shop is at the beginning of the very charming and colorful street, which added to my experience of the senses. Peace out ;-), Sharon

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