Monday, August 25, 2014

Louisiana | Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana is one of the most beautiful museums in Copenhagen and is designed in a traditional Danish minimalistic style. (Well, actually it's not located in Copenhagen, but a bit north of Copenhagen in Humlebæk.) Louisiana is a museum for modern art where you can see changing art exhibitions and of course the permanent collection. I was disappointed that at the time of my visit, the permanent collection/wing of the museum was temporarily closed and under some sort of transformation. I was really hoping to see some of Hilma AF Klint's abstracts. I guess I'll continue to obsess over her art from the beautiful book I found at The Bread Station in Charlottenlund!

The museum is located in the most fabulous, green surroundings with views across the sea all the way to Sweden. You can walk around the garden, which is full of outdoor sculpture, enjoy a lunch or a cup of coffee in the amazing museum café, and when you're done admiring the art you can shop in the museum shop.

The pics below are from the current exhibition of American painter, Philip Gustin (Painting, Smoking, Eating). The other featured artist, Emil Nolde, was of German/Danish heritage. His work was spread across several rooms–probably over 200 pieces–and displayed a comprehensive presentation from early pieces to the latest, newer dimensions of his work. My favorites were those called the Unpainted Pictures. These small-format, imaginative works were ''unpainted'' in the sense that they did not officially exist (little secrets he kept in seclusion) and were not supposed to exist, as he was banned from painting and selling as an artist by the Nazi regime in 1941 for 8 years thereafter. Love, Sharon

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