Tuesday, August 26, 2014


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Copenhagen and the surrounding neighborhoods are all about bicycles. I know there are other places in the world where people probably use their bicycle just as much as in Denmark, but I'm not sure they do it the way the Danes do. They do it with style: in a suit, elegant dress and/or high heels, no problem!, and no matter what the weather. Two years ago Copenhagen was voted the "Best city for cyclists" and the "World's most livable city."

Bikes are definitely the best, fastest and cheapest way to get around and to explore. I especially love exploring by bike in Charlottenlund, the small town north where I'm staying. Forget about cars. They are so ridiculously expensive in Denmark due to high taxes, and very few young people have them. Usually Copenhageners don't buy a car until they have a family and kids. My favorite ones are the cargo bikes (Christiana Bikes).

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I also read that cities all around the world are now looking at ways to copy this phenomenon. It really is biking heaven for the cyclist in Copenhagen with over 220 miles of designated bike lanes. As a tourist in Copenhagen you really must rent a bike here. I get homesick for my mountain bike; oh my love of bikes! Love, Sharon

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