Friday, September 19, 2014

Duck Wisdom

When a regal duck greeted me with enthusiasm at the beach today, I got the sense she was there to remind me of two opposing characteristics I naturally have: predator and prey. Our time together reminded me of the biblical prediction that the lion shall lie down beside the lamb in paradise, whereby symbolically, I am the lion. She was so comfortable with spending her "duck time" with me, preening herself, bobbing around, snacking on the mossy morsels, and even napping along side of me. Our hour of harmony was paradise.

Ducks do have the hearts of lions though... What I mean is that they seem to move steadfastly towards their goal; for example, when a little, black ferret appeared, she sprang, turned and bolted in the water. This keeps awake in me the wisdom of all enlightened beings, which is their ability to harmonize with people and with nature itself. And when it's appropriate to own a lion's heart, I will keep the courage to fully feel and have the willingness to act, to protect myself and others that I love. What a nice, symbolic reminder today about the balance of these elements. Thank you for being so beautiful. Love, Sharon

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