Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Travel Advice Received | 30 Days of Indie Travel, Day 30

In responding to the best advice received while traveling, my mind went immediately to Elizabeth Gilbert's world-famous book, Eat, Pray, Love. Although I was not traveling at the time I read it, it satisfied my wanderlust and was a good long, juicy story. Through the art of story-telling from the female perspective, she explored basic, life-changing lessons, ones that I could apply to myself even when my marriage was at a high point, I still wanted to eat, pray and love a lot more. What I love most about Elizabeth's "advice" was that it inspired me to get up and do my best with who I am and with what I have each day. To be a pioneer of continuing on.

My second best travel advice comes from another author, Tim Ferriss, and he says: “Do what excites you.” Sometimes it is helpful to write things down that make me happy and that are good life policies. After a while I have a pretty clear picture of who I am, flaws and all, and what fulfills me. Having a travel wish list is helpful as well.

I'll end this post with these "pieces" of my travels to date (in and around the Stockholm area). This also wraps up the Indie 30 Days of Travel project. But it is never goodbye ;-)

Happy trails xoxo, Sharon

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