Monday, October 13, 2014

Feeling French | Stockholm

Fyra Knop (translation = four knots) is a crêperie that lies on Svartensgatan and is only one side street way from the other restaurants and cafes on Götgatan Street. I chose this place because it felt both cozy and romantic, and open starting at 17 right when I happened to walk by! I imagine coming here again when I want to eat galettes/crêpes and drink a bottle of wine with a loved one or out on a date.

Here I am trying to choose between several savory crêpes or a dessert crepe. They all sound equally good; why does it have to be so hard to choose! I decided to try a "stripped" variety with just a little sugar. I also ordered, and it came perfectly made, a cappuccino. There was also cidre brut and champagne available to order.

The atmosphere is very cozy and relaxed with old rustic furniture and lots of young people rolling in right around 17 filling the place up very quickly (the locals know). However, this brings up a downside that it is rather small : I noticed the waitress/hostess had a book of bookings where people had called in ahead for a table.

Wishing you all a most wonderful start to your week... Love, Sharon

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