Saturday, January 5, 2013


On a snowy Saturday afternoon, I ventured out a bit to the Chino Valley vineyards (just south of Prescott, Az) to attend my friends Ben and Juliette's wedding. From 3 until 3:30pm, I sat there among approximately 20 other friends and family happily shivering inside a rustic, Christmasy-decorated barn as they were married. I always cry at weddings, and this one was no exception: the goodness of happy tears ran down my face. I was honored to be there at this celebrating moment, but not quite expecting the amount of hope, love and joy that I carried home from that afternoon. I'm holding on to that feeling —and still holding— just as long as I can. All we need is to be loaded up with love, to be feeling it, to be chasing/falling into it, and in all manners be giving and receiving. It's so true when they say love is all you need. Enjoy ~Sharon Marzonie

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