Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bromma Church | Stockholms Län

“It might make one in love with death to be buried in so sweet a place.” This was written by the English poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley shortly before his death. When I visited the Bromma Church and its surrounding cemetery, I understood so very well what he meant. It is among Stockholm's oldest buildings and originally built as a defiance church with shelter on top of the round house part (before the church was expanded and a belfry added). The cemetery is located in a beautiful green oasis right off of the suburban street Gliavägen, which used to be an old road connecting the hamlets of the 12th century.

Towards the back a little ways was a "Minneslund," which is an anonymous and collective burial that fulfills the wishes from relatives or the deceased him/herself for not having an individual grave. The church was not open, but I went for a walk between the some of the graves which was a very special and amazing experience. Love, Sharon

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