Friday, September 12, 2014

Centralbadet | Stockholm

Something to know about me is that I am a big fan of bathhouses (and therefore bathing socially), the study of therapeutic bathing and medicinal hot springs. After doing little research online to find an affordable place in Stockholm that was not a spa (too expensive and beauty-treatment focused) and also not a Thai massage parlor, I found Centralbadet.

What speaks for Centralbadet is that it is steeped in tradition with grand buildings (dating back to 1904), a romantic garden-like courtyard, and that it is so spacious inside. I, personally, can relax better in an "open window to nature."

The swimming pool is the high point of this bathhouse, composed in Art Nouveau undulating shapes and designed by the now blissfully asleep architect, Wilhelm Klemming. There are plenty of relaxation/silence areas, 2 large hot tubs, an icy cold water pool, 3 sauna rooms, a steam bath room, cool air bath, showers everywhere, and other areas to lounge around in, such as a rooftop terrace (unfortunately that was closed during my visit).

There was also a little café inside, serving coffee, raw food, organic "spa" food and other light snacks. I didn't try anything, but what I saw looked great. On the upper level was a bar and hair salon, as well as more treatment rooms.

Despite reading online that to some it is "a very pale imitation of the originals on the continent," I enjoyed it very much, and for me, this is the bathhouse of all bathhouses! I am planning to go back again especially on a weekday evening instead of an afternoon, and relax there up until bedtime. Come bathe away...Love, Sharon

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